Why it’s important to have a gun safe

Before you jump to conclusions about this somewhat controversial subject, read this post completely and then decide if a gun safe is right for you! It basically comes down to this; if you hate the thought of having guns in the house and don’t own any, then you don’t need a gun safe. If you even have one gun and don’t mind using it if you have to; you need and should have a gun safe.

Birmingham Locksmith can help you secure the best gun safe for your budget and weapons needs. We offer affordable pricing, free consultations and convenient installation service that works around your busy schedule. Of course you don’t have to use our shop to procure your gun safe or cabinet. Other Birmingham, AL locksmiths offer them as do home improvement stores, gun dealers, hardware stores and numerous online retailers like Amazon and EBay.

What Is A Gun Cabinet/Safe?

Just like it sounds; a gun safe is a “safe” place in your home to keep your weapons. Also known as gun or weapons cabinets, they are a designated place for firearms of all sizes and types along with bullets and other forms of ammunition. Having a locking and well-built cabinet or safe to store your guns in can be a real life saver and we mean that literally! Every year countless shooting accidents occur in homes all over the world. Having a loaded gun nearby can result in injury, death and other mayhem as children can discover them and shoot each other or parents by mistake.

Domestic violence is another problem where shootings can easily occur when a loaded weapon is only too handy. Having a gun is not expensive and even with the proper permits and instruction tempers and fear can wreak havoc on gun safety and home security. Taking the time to actually unlock the gun safe and remove a weapon can often lead to a cooling off period instead of simply reaching for a loaded firearm and shooting in the heat of the moment.

Protection For Your Gun!

Yes, gun safes protect your guns, too! You may be thinking “who wants to hurt a gun?” but the answer is simple – the elements! That’s right; weather can wreak havoc with your gun quality and ability to work on demand. Rust, moisture, fire, floods and even dust can hurt your gun’s ability to fire accurately and to calibrate just right. Also, there’s big underground market in gun theft. Sure, you took the time and spent the money to buy your weapon legitimately and to learn how to use it safely and responsibly. Others are not interested in going that route and would just as soon steal your gun and either use it for themselves or sell it on the “black market.” Securing your weapons in a locking gun safe can go a long way towards keeping your guns out of the hands of criminals that would love to claim it freely as their own.

The Big Question!

Here at Birmingham Locksmith we are often asked about the ability to access weapons quickly if they are locked away in a gun safe.Don’t worry about that – you still can! Actually, the question makes sense. What good are guns if you have to move “heaven and earth” to get to them? What burglar or home invader is going to wait for that? They won’t of course, but here’s where you get the advantage over others who simply buy their gun safe and are left to figure everything out for themselves. As a customer of Birmingham Locksmith you are invited to tap into our expertise in this field. We will expertly help you choose the right model of gun safe for your needs AND then advise you how to make use of it so that you are always assured of having quick and safe access to your weapons in any circumstance whatsoever!

Where To Get Your Gun Safe

No, you don’t have to buy from us! Other Birmingham, AL locksmith shops offer gun safes as do home improvement stores, gun stores, and even national chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Sears. You can buy used, too. Many a good deal can be found by buying at estate sales, flea markets and yard sales. One of the best sources for gun safe information is online. Even if you don’t buy your safe over the web, you can still research it and learn lots of great information that can be quite useful later. Be sure to check reviews as people who are passionate about their gun safes tend to post good or bad remarks about the unit as well as the seller or the manufacturer.

When buying your gun safe over the internet, be sure to check for installation costs, weight, insuring your safe, taxes and repair options. Take good measurements, too. You don’t want a huge cabinet for a single pistol nor a tiny gun box for an entire arsenal including ammo!

Different Needs For Different Folks!

It’s best to do your research into gun safes and what you really want out of yours. Some just want locking storage for theirs. Other people like to show theirs off to visiting friends and family. Do you want easy and fast access to yours or do you have a vintage set of valuable guns that you want preserved for safe and collectible status?

Gun safes can come with a variety of locks on them, too. Will you keep the keys handy if access is suddenly needed? Can you spend a little more to get biometric entry that simply requires your thumb print on the device for near-instant access?

By now, you know that there are dozens of good reasons to have a gun safe and that your particular situation is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of sellers, manufacturers and dealers and if you don’t get a good answer; move on! As always, feel free to check with our friendly Birmingham Locksmith staff as we sell, repair and install gun safes and can expertly advise you about yours!



The simple truth is, if you don’t pay attention to the safety and security of your home, you’ll make your property more attractive to a potential burglar. Fortunately, however, there are numerous relatively easy ways to safeguard your home from break-ins and theft. Obviously, you can’t foresee every possible vulnerability, but you can still take a good number of reasonable, cost-effective steps to prevent most circumstances in which a robbery could take place.


Don’t put a “hidden” key outside. Anyone who wants to get into your place will easily find your key under the mat, or quickly locate the key you put inside your mailbox or under the flower pot. Probably if you have a keyholder disguised as a rock, professional robbers will likely recognize it. Instead, give your extra key to a trusted neighbor.


Do not leave any ladders outside. Someone could pretend to be a contractor, and may try to use your ladder to gain entry through a second-floor window, or use it to land on your balcony if you have one.


Keep your valuables hidden well.

  • Safeguard your emergency cash, fine jewelry, and other treasured possessions in uncommon locations.
  • Rent a safe-deposit box at your bank to guard any particularly valuable items.
  • A home safe may be better for your needs, perhaps one anchored to the floor or hidden in the wall.


Establish simple household rules.

  • Don’t answer the door to strangers. (Install a peephole if you don’t already have one.)
  • Keep your windows and doors locked when you leave, as well as before everyone goes to sleep for the night.
  • Keep your garage door in good working order, and keep it closed and locked whenever you’re away.


Don’t keep your keys and garage-door remotes out in the open. It’s a bad idea to keep your keys and remotes on display near the door, where anyone could peek through your window. It’s better to store these important objects hidden inside a drawer or cupboard.


Post warning signs and insignias. It may sound harebrained to some people, but it can be effective to put up a sign or window sticker from a security company near each door or window ~ even if you don’t actually have a security system. Be creative. Post a “Beware of Dog” sign, or a “No Trespassing” sign.


Secure your air conditioning unit. You wouldn’t want a prowler to get through an unsecured window utilizing an air-conditioner bracket, corner braces, or a sliding window lock.


Install timers. Consider putting your porch lights on timers. That way, when you’re gone during the day, or away for a long time, you can make it look like people are at home. Not only can you use timers on your lights, but also on your TVs, computers, and radios. If you have a smart device attached to your timer, you can monitor and control everything with a mobile app, to make it appear as if your home is occupied the entire time you’re gone.


Use lights effectively. Install outdoor lighting with infrared motion detectors near each of your doors. Motion detector lights help to discourage trespassers. They can even be connected to your smart device, so you can quickly detect any unwelcome activity, and respond immediately. Some are made to respond to changes in temperature, light, or sound. Be sure also to make it a point to keep some of your indoor lights on if you’re going to be gone.


Eliminate possible intruder hiding places. Keep your trees, hedges, shrubs, and all other plants trimmed. If they’re too ungainly, tall, or poorly spaced, a potential thief can hide easily.



Additional Affordable Ways You Can Boost Your Home Security

There are plenty of other ways to enhance your home security. Some can take a little more effort, but can be reasonably priced. To discover more about the many options available to you, if you’re located anywhere in Birmingham, Alabama, you may want to schedule a free consultation with a staff mobile residential locksmith expert at Birmingham Locksmith. The following measures won’t take too much money or effort.


Fortify your doors. Inspect your outside entry points. A hollow door is of lower quality, and therefore easier for a burglar to penetrate. Therefore, replace it with a solid door, made of wood or metal.

Check your front- and back-door locks. If any locks are weak, you can reinforce them by replacing the strike plate (the stationary piece where the bolt enters), and then mounting an extra solid metal plate on the doorjamb for the sliding bolt. If you currently have short mounting screws, you can replace them with longer screws, which will reach the door’s studs and add extra strength to the doorframe.

If you have a sliding-glass door, make it more secure by placing a wooden dowel cut to size, or an adjustable safety bar, in the floor track. You can also add a floor bolt.


Upgrade your locks. Any professional locksmith will tell you that deadbolts provide exceptional security. Make sure you get a grade-2 deadbolt lock, which penetrates the doorframe. Heavy-duty is always more resilient.

Digital or smart locks are electronic devices that provide additional security for your front door. With some, you can even synchronize your smart lock with your smartphone, so you won’t have to carry a house key at all.


Install surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras will definitely keep you aware of all that’s happening around your perimeter, so you can contact the authorities right away if you see any hint of foul play. Of course, you can also buy a premium-quality surveillance camera, which records video footage. Depending upon how much you want to spend, you can add additional security measures.


Use high-tech home automation. Nowadays, if you have a large budget, you can monitor all your home activities with a smart app. It’s possible to manage your whole house with a smart alarm system. From simulating routine habits, to checking your property anytime you want while you’re not even home, your property almost takes care of itself! If you detect any undesirable activity, you’ll be notified by an alert on your smartphone. You’ll enjoy wide-ranging safety with a smart home security system.

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